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Head of Garnsey Campus

blog janThis week, Music students and staff have returned invigorated from the Music Camp and are looking forward to the Annual Autumn concert, students in Year 11 have watched a performance of Macbeth bring this classic tale to life, students have represented Gippsland Grammar in the Junior Public Speaking competition at Sacre Coeur, Glen Iris, Year 7s have enjoyed a program called Fantastic Friends which aims to assist them to develop positive relationships with each other, another evening of parent teacher interviews was held, and our Athletics team had a successful day at the Independent Country Co-educational Schools Athletics finishing second in this carnival. Our students continue to balance all these great activities with their studies and I especially commend the senior students who have maintained their studies and been so involved in the life of the School at this busy time of the year.

SEISA Debating, Public Speaking and Chess

On Monday afternoon we welcomed teams of students from St Paul’s Warragul and Traralgon, Beaconhills College Pakenham and Berwick and Newhaven College Phillip Island for the annual SEISA Debating, Public Speaking and Chess competition. Organised by Mrs Kate Arnup, Mr Josh Flanagan and Ms Penelope Monger the event was a great success. Students enjoyed the opportunity to compete in these events and demonstrated great skills, concentration and passion. Congratulations to all those involved; overall Gippsland Grammar was placed first in Debating and Chess and third in Public Speaking. All the students involved represented the School with distinction.

Helping Hands Projects

I congratulate 12 Salveson on their organisation of a Casual Day today to raise funds for Utta Char Kalmi School in Bangladesh. Special congratulations to Johannah Tulloch, the Social Service Captain, on leading this project. The funds raised will help support young students to attend a school, which would not be possible without the support of our students.

Public Speaking Awards

This week we presented the junior, intermediate and senior public speaking awards. Students are selected into this competition based on their performance in oral presentations completed in English classes. They then compete over a series of lunchtimes to determine the results. Congratulations to the following students on their achievements in the final.


Finalists: Rebecca Strauss, Jemima Smith, Brianna Marshall, Sian Bates, Lucy Deller, Lucy Hall, Lachlan Hicks, Tom Gell, Campbell Czempinski and Cal Hennig.

  • Junior Boys Runner Up: George Lancaster
  • Junior Girls Runner Up: Susannah Keily
  • Junior Boys Champion: Sam Dunnett
  • Junior Girls Champion: Grace Mackie


Finalists: Isabella Preston, Meg Gordyn, Pierce Kidson-Purry, Xavier Monacella, Leon Noble, Flynn Davis, James Stephenson, Lachie McCutcheon

  • Intermediate Boys Runner Up: Gil Aitken
  • Intermediate Girls Runner Up: Julia Rainey
  • Intermediate Boys Champion: Nichil Nowrungsah
  • Intermediate Girls Champion: Claudia Klose


Finalists: Lily McCormick and Henry Davis

  • Senior Runner Up: Jade Simpson-Page
  • Senior Champion: Kelsey Weir

Student Achievements

Last weekend the Equestrian Victoria Hygain Junior and Young Rider Showjumping Squad was announced and four Gippsland Grammar students were named in this Squad.  They were Brittany Stead (Year 9), Darcy Wade (Year 9), Quinn Wade (Year 8) and Cohen Wade (Year 6).  These riders will now attend four training squad weekends to be held at the National Equestrian Centre at Werribee and will have access to some great coaching and athlete programs. Riders are selected based on performances over the preceding season. Congratulations to these riders.

Luca Vuat

At the Metung Yacht club presentation night held on Saturday 2 May, Luca (Year 9) won the Metung Yacht Club Junior sailing club champion award. This is the highest placing after the race results for the season at Metung Yacht Club have been tallied. The award has not been presented since 2008/9 as the junior club comprised mostly social sailors who were not achieving the requisite race results, so it was very special to see the award revived this year and get some healthy competition happening among current juniors. Luca’s new crewie, Harry Pearce (Year 7), has only sailed with him since February, but they're training in earnest for the start of the next season (Summer), where they have committed to competing in the Victorian State championships and later, over New Year, in the Nationals in Sydney. A wonderful achievement, Luca. Well done

Performing Arts News

arrow right box 24It has been a busy few weeks in the Performing Arts department, with rehearsals for ‘Oliver’ proceeding apace every Tuesday and Wednesday after school, and all the preparations for our back to back Music Camps, held in Rawson at the Rawson Village Conference Centre, and the forthcoming Autumn Concert. I am happy to report that last Wednesday we saw Ms Hahn choreographing the first elements of the dance scenes, this time around the ever popular song ‘Consider Yourself’, providing lots of laughs among the cast as the troop went through their paces, whilst another group of students were really getting into terrific vocal characterisations from the first scenes of the musical. We are all looking forward to the first of our Sunday rehearsals, which start on 17th May at 10:00, with the orchestral ensemble taking on their first rehearsal on the same day at 12:30. Tickets for ‘Oliver’ will be on sale from early June – best to get in early for the four performances at 7:30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the 23rd to 25th of July with a 2pm matinee on the Saturday.
The VCE Theatre Studies class have also been working hard on their semester one performance and will be performing 'Snow Child' by Jody Davidson. 'Snow Child' is based on a Russian folk tale and follows the journey of a poor toymaker named Dimitri and his wife Katya. Performances will take place on Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday the 13th of May at 7.30pm in the Drama room. Tickets are $5 and available at the door. These are always excellent presentations and well worth viewing.
The annual music camps were again wonderfully successful: the two concert bands and the choir were in residence from Friday to Sunday and the two jazz bands and Sinfonietta were in residence from Sunday to Tuesday. A lively spirit prevailed through both camps with the students working very hard and willingly to improve their performance standards and of course reaping the rewards of playing better and better as each day passed by. Stephen Taberner was again our Artist-in-Residence for the first camp, and his work with the students developing a number of songs was, as usual, quite exhilarating and a joy to listen to the harmonies. The Sinfonietta gave a ‘Children’s Proms’ style concert for the students of the Rawson Primary School on Tuesday morning, and great fun was had by all, but perhaps especially by our visitors, some of whom tried instruments and conducting during the performance, then having the chance to stand amongst the Sinfonietta during their final piece, after which there was much mingling, with Sinfonietta members showing how the instruments were played and giving lots of children the opportunity to try playing. We were very lucky to have superb weather for the camps, as well as very good food – lunch and dinner menus were chosen by our music captains, Ross Anderson and Meg Wall from options provided by the camp, and their choices were thoroughly enjoyed. Social activities ranged from the ubiquitous 4 person ball game played during breaks by the younger set to the hilarious circle game on Friday night, a delightful trivia night arranged by the year 12s on Saturday and Mr McKimm’s disco on Monday evening. And needless to say, our Year 11 and 12 students diligently found time to do study during breaks, demonstrating their ability to be disciplined in their study habits.
All of this activity leads of course to our Autumn Concert which takes place next Friday, 15th May at 730pm in Garnsey Hall. It should be a wonderful concert, with a great variety of music and also featuring the Music Camp Choir led by Stephen Taberner as the concluding item – it’s a concert you really don’t want to miss …. Hope to see you there.
Colin Iversen
Director of Music and Head of Performing Arts

Physical Education

arrow right box 24Physical Education and Health at Gippsland Grammar is more than just playing games. We aim to give all our students the knowledge and positive experiences that will encourage them to be fit and healthy members of our community. We do this by giving our students the opportunity to experience and learn the skills needed in a variety of sports, games and activities. In Health, an ongoing theme is the three elements of health; physical, social and emotional. As we look at a range of topics including nutrition, relationships and risk taking, we explore how they will impact on the three elements of Health. Classwork in Health can include any number of approaches including role plays, research projects, videos, demonstrations and quite often class and small group discussions. This allows the students to reflect on how the material being covered in class relates specifically to them.

What’s being happening in Physical Education & Health?

Year 7 classes have been investigating ‘What is Health?’ and Adolescent Development in Health. This has given them the chance to look at the choices they make and how they can have positive and negative consequences on their development. In Physical Education, classes have spent Term 1 challenging themselves in the Athletics unit and more recently improving their skills in Soccer. The Year 7s will be looking forward to moving inside over the coming cooler months as the next practical unit will be Basketball.

Year 8 classes spent Term 1 enhancing their skills in Athletics before moving into a unit of Badminton this term. This will be followed by an introduction to circuit training as a method of improving their own fitness levels. It seems that most students are looking forward to the challenges that Gymnastics will bring in Term 3 over at the Maffra Gymnastics Club. Health classes this term have been spent covering Nutrition; researching and presenting on a range of areas including the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, High and Low GI foods, Nutrients required for development and Food Marketing. Term 2 has seen the students move on to learning about alcohol and the effect this can have on individuals and society.

Year 9 classes have focussed on a range of team sports throughout Semester 1. In Term 1 they developed their skills and knowledge in a Volleyball unit and have gone on to cover a range of football codes during Term 2. In term 3 the Year 9 students will be turning their attention to the “My Favourite Sports” unit, where they are required to plan and implement a lesson for the rest of the class based around a sport or activity of their choice. Health lessons in Semester 1 have focussed around learning about different aspects of mental health.

Year 10 students have been engaged in a range of different activities. Term 1 consisted of a unit covering various racquet sports such as Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis. Term 2 has seen the Year 10 students developing their Netball skills as both an individual and as a team, leading up to some intra-class matches to finish the unit. They have also been utilising the fitness room as part of a weight training unit with the aim of improving their skills with the various machines and weights along with learning about how different variables can be manipulated to alter the outcomes in this method of training.

elevate education study skills program for Year 8 students

On Tuesday 19 May, all Year 8 students will participate in a study skills program run by elevate education. They will learn about time management and how to study in sessions called ‘Junior Time Management’ and ‘Study Skills Kick Start’.

elevate education are a young and dynamic group who we have engaged at the school for the last two years to deliver study skills modules to our Year 10 and 11 students. This will be the first year of the junior program.

The Year 8 students will participate in two sessions in the morning that will address the essential skills and techniques associated with the establishment of sound study habits. With the semester coming to a close and final assessments being undertaken, students will be able to apply the skills learnt. In Year 10 and 11, they will have further sessions with the presenters of elevate education to build their study skills as they prepare for their VCE exams and assessments.

elevate education is a company which uses young, trained presenters who are current university students to present practical skills that students can use immediately. Their material is based on 10 years of ongoing research into the habits and techniques of top students. The seminars which will be presented on the day will provide students with simple and practical skills which can be used immediately and which are a sound introduction to the skill of studying.

Students will be divided into groups and will berequired to attend both sessions. Students are required to bring pens and use the course booklet provided. There will be no repeat or catch up sessions should a student be absent on the day. The sessions will start directly after Mentor Group. Classes will be as normal in P5 & P6.

Head of Garnsey Campus

This week’s Garnsey campus assembly was our opportunity to commemorate ANZAC Day. The central focus of the service was the display of over 600 poppies that students at our senior campus have made over the last month. Many students contributed to the service. Samuel O’Hara, Tom Duff, Andrew Bullers, Jorjeana Anderson and Nick Rothwell presented a catafalque party in their cadet uniforms. Following the commemorative address by the Principal Mr David Baker and a reading of the ANZAC Requiem from Ross Anderson, a number of students and staff read a short passage and laid a poppy at the base of the poppy display. Thanks to Daniel Broadbridge who laid a poppy in memory of his grandfather and great grandfather, Hannah Cartwright who remembered those Australians who served and died in World War One, Tyrie Kovco who laid a poppy in memory of his father who died on deployment in Iraq, Mrs Liz Bullers who remembered those who had suffered injury both inside and out in war and conflict, and Meg Wall and Brayden Haney who both remembered those people from all over the world who have died and continue to die in war, urging us all to seek peace. Stephanie Poland also played the Last Post and Rouse beautifully, which bookmarked a moving minute of silence. Lest We Forget.