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Changes to Transport Arrangements for the 2015 Yr 9 Melbourne Experience

There has been a slight change to the transport arrangements to and from Melbourne for the 2015 Melbourne Experience. Students will be catching the VLine train to Melbourne on the first day of each week of your childs allocated camp at the times shown below and due to issues with the train on the Thursday and Friday afternoons when returning from the city we will be chartering a bus for this journey. The times and locations of pick-ups and drop offs are shown below.
Travel to Melbourne via VLine Train: Tuesday 21st Apr, Monday 27th April, Monday 18th May and Monday 25th May - Bairnsdale - 6.05am, Stratford - 6.39am, Sale - 6.56am, Rosedale - 7.15am, Traralgon - 7.36am and Morwell - 7.47am.
Travel from Melbourne via Private Bus: Friday 24th April, Friday 1st May, Friday 22nd May and Thursday 28th May – Southern Cross Bus Terminal - 1.15pm, Traralgon, Bridges on Argyle Bus Stop – 3.20pm, Rosedale, Outside of Butchers – 3.40pm, Sale, McGhee Street – 4.00pm, Bairnsdale Train Station – 5.00pm (times are approximate depending on traffic and parents meeting bus promptly).

2016 Enrolment

We have had strong interest in enrolment for 2016 at all 3 campuses. As such a number of year levels are nearing capacity.  If you have siblings of current students that you have not yet enrolled for 2016 could you please complete an application form at your earliest convenience and forward to Marji Craven our Registrar.  Similarly if you know of families considering Gippsland Grammar could you please let them know that vacancies are limited.  Thank you

Head of Garnsey Campus

Next week we will begin our poppies for ANZAC Day project. Taking inspiration from the 5000 Poppies project which will see a large installation at Federation Square which will include poppies from our junior campuses and across the state, we hope to prepare at least 585 poppies which form the basis of our ANZAC service this year. Students will have opportunities to make paper poppies, and knit or crochet poppies.  With some knitting and crochet classes being held at lunchtime, we hope students will enjoy being a part of this significant project.

Student Achievements

George Lancaster (Year 8)
We were thrilled to receive the results of the 2015 Australian Junior Athletics Championships being held at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre this week. George gained a silver medal in the Under 15 3000m event. What a brilliant achievement. He ran the event in 9:27.72 coming in only 4 seconds being the first place getter. Congratulations to George.

 Andrew Bullers (Year 10)
Congratulations to Andrew who is one of only six young Victorians who has passed the Youth Insearch  leadership program. Youth Insearch is a community organisation that co-ordinates programs focusing on resolving adolescent issues at a peer level. The Youth Insearch theory “peers supporting peers” utilises the experience of extensively trained young people, who support and guide other young people. Andrew will now assist with Youth Insearch programs and will be presented with his award at Government House in Sydney. Congratulations, Andrew.

Linus (Year 9) and Joey Rodda (Year 7)
Linus and Joey Rodda represented Gippsland Grammar in the Beach Volleyball School’s Cup on Thursday. After a highly competitive competition they came equal third out of ten teams competing in the Year 9 pairs.  The teams were from recognised volleyball schools such as Billanook College, Rowville Secondary, Maribyrnong Secondary and Waverly College.  There were two pools of five teams.  The boys played exceptionally well and won all 4 games in their pool 2-0.  By all accounts, the conditions were very difficult – with cold and strong winds. Our boys lost their cross-over semi-final to Billanook 1 who ended up winning the final. Congratulations to Linus and Joey.

Helping Hands Projects
The 12 Dyke Relay for Life fundraising has begun with a cake stall on Wednesday and a coin collection taking place in Mentor Groups. All students are encouraged to bring along their loose change for this worthy cause.  9 Clemens are commencing their project, the recycling program in 2015. They are starting the distribution of bins and waste paper collection boxes into classrooms and offices.

House Athletics trials
Trials for House Athletics for Year 7-10 students will be held on Monday afternoon. All Year 7-10 students are required to wear sports uniform with House shirts to School. The trials will be held during Periods 5 and 6. Year 11 and 12 students will have classes at this time.

Parents and Friends of Garnsey campus
Thanks to Lisa Singer who organised a casual morning tea catch up for parents of those students in Year 7 Yeowell. The morning was well attended and suggests that there may be more parents who are keen to catch up in a similar way. I’d love to foster these sort of casual parent groups and so if any of you are willing to choose a venue and time and to welcome a few other parents for a coffee please let me know and I’m happy to arrange an email invitation to relevant parents. Perhaps there are some Year 12 parents who would like the chance to catch up and facilitate some ways to support each other as you support your children in Year 12. I look forward to hearing from some parents in this regard.

We will have a “parents’ marquee” (more like a well-used School tent in reality)  available at the House Athletics Carnival this year to enable parents to catch up with each other, have a good view of the finish line and have a coffee sheltered from the heat or cold depending on the day! If you’re coming along on Tuesday 24 March, and we’d love to see you there, please drop by to catch up with other parents. Program will be available in the marquee.

I must also thank the many parents who travelled to Tasmania with the Rowing teams to support and encourage them at Lake Barrington over the long weekend, and again on Thursday as crews travelled to Geelong. The support of our Rowing parents has been wonderful in 2015.

Youth Week
With Youth Week fast approaching, the East Gippsland Shire have been active in promoting a number of great activities. Some information is outlined below which also contains some links where our students can get more information.

Call for Young Creatives! Filmmakers, performers, artists, foodies – an opportunity to showcase your talents at the Youth Festival, part of National Youth Week on Saturday, April 18th from 2.00pm-9.00pm in Bairnsdale, is fast approaching. For more details on the youth festival, contact East Gippsland Shire’s youth engagement officer at 5153 9500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information on the short film competition, check out the following link: National Youth Week Short Film Competition Deadline to submit short films (max 7min in length) is April 14, 2015. 

Free Photography workshops
Young people are invited to take part in a photography workshop run by Lisa Roberts in 2 local libraries. Bring your own smartphone or camera. Tuesday, April 7 from 1.00pm-4.00pm @ Bairnsdale library. Wednesday, April 8 – 1.00pm-4.00pm @ Lakes Entrance library. For more information or to register a place, please contact Kylie Pinkerton 5152 4225.

FReeZA Event Management session Young people and support staff interested in finding out more about FReeZA event management to help support young people organise events in the community are encouraged to attend. This free training session will touch base on all ages event management, promotion/marketing, artist booking, budgeting, sponsorship,  marketing, promotion, running a committee & meeting procedures, running cultural/outdoor events, design, advertising, production, lighting, safety, risk management. Sunday, April 12 - 10am-3pm – East Gippsland Shire Palmers Rd office, Lakes Entrance – to register a place contact 5153 9500.

Science Department

Over the 2014-2015 Summer break Gippsland Grammar once again had a number of budding young Scientists head off to Universities around Australia to spend time with like minded students and further their passion. This year James Gover, Alex Trett, David Ting and Ben McAnulty all took on this challenge. Brayden Haney was hard at work as he attempted to earn a spot in the Australian Biology team to represent Australia at the 2015 Science Olympiad. Below are some of their reflections on the experience.

From Ben
I was in the Engineering group called Newton, and to make sure that everyone in our group was together ready for our next activity we had to come up with a counting off system -through which I have been able to learn π to twenty decimal places. In this group I met some amazing people, all of who I now consider friends, and went to some of the most amazing places on our lab visits.

From James
A more hands on lab visit was to ANU’s chemistry facilities where we found Vitamin C content in orange juice, made fluorescent slime and liquid nitrogen ice cream. Apart from being great fun, and having yummy ice-cream at the end it was great to see the facilities available and have a chance to use the equipment. We then got to see some practical uses of chemistry at the Therapeutic Goods Administration were we titrated aspirin and tested latex gloves.

From Brayden
I am a numbers kind of guy, so here follows some numbers about my time at the Australian Biology Olympiad Summer School: 14 days, 9 tutors, 23 students, 3 people with a score of 50 in biology, 2 people with a score under 43, 34 lectures, 13 Practicals in the Lab, 1 free day in Canberra. 13 days waking up at 7am, 13 nights getting to bed at 11pm, 2 one hundred and twenty page books full of notes, 2 theory exams, 6 practical exams, Several trees worth of printed out PowerPoints, 4 two dollar Ethernet cables, 3 other disciplines- Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences, 0 Physics kids signed out on the free day, 1 seven thirty am fire alarm, 1 twelve am fire alarm, countless games of cards,  numerous unfunny biology puns, jokes and pick up lines, 1 three hour final exam, 4 of my wonderful friends going to Demark.

From David
The site visits themselves were enlightening, highlights were the ANU physics lab, the particle accelerator behind ANU (I still can’t believe I got to touch it!) and the second largest Super Computer in the Southern Hemisphere. And being the giant computer nerd I was, you can imagine how many selfies we got inside the cores and heat release parts of the enormous beast. Of course not all of the sites were as epic and contained ground-breaking technology. We attended an engineering consulting firm, and while not particularly interesting it did give insight to the economical and marketing side of engineering, as well as taught us the valuable life lesson that what we study does not necessarily restrict us.

SEISA SPORT - 12 March

SEISA intermediate boys Cricket
Another loss of the toss to Captain Tom Anderson but the desired result of bowling was achieved. Good all round effort in the field, keeping the opposition to 50. Great effort by Bryce Worboys with 3/5 off 4. Rory Van Berkel and Tom Anderson also started well with the ball with 1/6 and 1/12 respectively. Easy chase for the boys with Tom Anderson getting the boys home with 30. The boys got 57 off 12 overs. Great job boys.

SEISA Intermediate girls tennis  - Beaconhills Pakenham -WIN 44-16
Today all the Grammar girls did really well, winning 44-16. Beaconhills Pakenham had some really talented girls, especially in the ‘A’ pairing, which led them to win their only set 6-2. Besides the win, the conditions were fairly good. Overall, Grammar had a successful day and all the girls did extremely well. Excellent effort!

SEISA Intermediate boys Tennis - Beaconhills Pakenham - WIN 48-7 (8 sets to GG, 0 sets to BHP)
With a full team, Gippy Grammar dominated the opposition without losing a single set. Highlight players were Matt, Tayden, Tom and Will. The closes game was between Liam, Charlie and their opposition. Given that last week Grammar lost, a win of this calibre is great!

SEISA Intermediate girls Basketball - Beaconhills Pakenham - LOST 13-44
Another tough game for us but we kept our composure and played our best until the end. Well done to all of the girls for their willingness to get in and have a go and to run hard all game. A special mention for our top scorer, Zoe Collins!

SEISA Intermediate boys Basketball - Beaconhills, Pakenham - LOST: 21-39 
We played against Pakenham to try and place in the finals. By half time we were in the lead by a small amount of points, however things went off the tracks in the second half. Oakley was sent out for five fouls, Jack injured his shoulder and Kyle was absent. We tried our best but the other team were the stronger team this time. Quinn and Tyson scored well, but not enough.

SEISA Intermediate girls Softball - Beaconhills Pakenham - WIN 26-14
Gippsland Grammar girls’ softball team played a strong three innings against Beaconhills Pakenham. All 12 team members secured 2-3 runs each for the team, with Sid Churchman pitching excellently, often resulting in strikes and outs. Jane Martin, the catcher, ran a fantastic home-run and proved her great catching skills once again. The whole team batted, fielded and showcased their communication and teamwork skills and knowledge to a high extent. Well done to the team, who played a strong game of softball, with the results reflection the great work to win the game 26 to 14.
Thank you to all who helped out.

SEISA Senior boys basketball - Sale - LOST 31-19
Gippsland Grammar had the same score level at half time and put in a mighty effort to peg back Beaconhills in the last 10 minutes of the game but lost 31-19. Sam May played a great game as captain, scoring six points. Nick Hammond finished the game with an inspiring four points. Will Bodman continued to be a powerhouse, and chipped in five. Well done on a great team game.

SEISA Senior boys cricket - Sale - WIN 6-101 vs 7-110 
GGS lost the toss and fielded first, with A Lawson bowling 4 overs 21/7 and T Daniels bowling 4 overs for 8 runs. B Patterson bowled with L Howard throughout the middle overs with figures of 1-18 and 1-26 respectively for four overs. D Costigan finished off the innings with 2/27. They ended up 6-102. O Cantwell and C Meade opened and scored 2 and 12 respectively. J Wrigglesworth and L Howard put on 16, and M George and L Howard put on 41, scoring 9-31 and 17 respectively. D Costigan and A Lawson finished off the innings scoring 13 and 7 respectively to see GGS over the line.

SEISA Senior girls softball - Sale WIN 22-17 
This was our strongest competition so far and the skill level was very high in both teams. After being 10 all at the bottom on the second innings, Gippsland Grammar played very well to take out the game 22 to 17. It was a fine team effort. Lillie Jago and Elani Hughes got home in each innings, with Amy Wrigglesworth and Emma Shaw making three runs each. Emily Vale fielded well on first base. A great team effort that should give the girls confidence going into the final round.

SEISA Senior girls tennis - Sale - WIN 6 sets to 2, 40 games to 12
Once again the senior girls Tennis team performed strongly to defeat their opposition 6 sets to 2; 40 games to 12. Our 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 players did not ???? a single game. Well done to; Laura Jones, Lucy MacLachlan, Sally Deller, Emily Harrison and Sacha Sjerp. Our year 12 players; Holly Howes, Kelsey Weir and Ady Walker, performed creditably against strong opposition players. Well done to all members of the team. There is just one more round until the final, so play well against Newhaven next week to ensure a top of the ladder result.

SEISA Senior boys Tennis - Sale - WON: 7(46) – 1(18)
Under stormy skies, the senior boys tennis team put on a dominant display to produce a 7 sets to 1 victory against Beaconhills Pakenham. In the absence of our number one player, all members of the team had to step up a position and all did a great job. Well done to all players; Ben McAnulty, Darcy Beecher, Liam Emms, David Ting, Kyung Stewart, Lloyd Hodge, Anuradha Mudunna and Alex Clemens. We look forward to our final round next week against Newhaven College.

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