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Head of Garnsey Campus

Year 12 examinations begin
The final examinations have begun for Year 12 students. After much hard work, the first week is over and I am very impressed with the commitment students have shown and the focus with which they have been preparing in the last week. Although the first written examination was held on Wednesday, the performance and Language oral examinations were held earlier in the term. This week, most students completed their first written examination although there are a few who are yet to enter the examination room. This week examinations have been held in English, Psychology, Economics, Biology and Further Mathematics Examination 1. I am sure that we will all continue to support and encourage the Year 12 students during this important time. The final examinations for our Year 12 students are on Tuesday 17 November, so there are still several weeks of study and focus required.

Year 7 Outdoor Education Camps
As our Year 12s are finishing their time at school, our Year 7s have completed an important part of their education, with the first of their Outdoor Education Camps completed this week. The Year 7 program at Lake Tyers is one of “Growth through Experience”. Our Outdoor Education Program is an integral part of each and every student’s educational experience. Essentially sequential in nature, the program aims to establish foundational skills and experiences, which are built on over three years. It is aimed at specific curriculum outcomes defined by the year level and has strong cross-curricular links. Students are provided with the opportunity to explore their capacity for leadership, resiliency, teamwork, communication, community membership and much more through participating in the program.

Activities included in the Year 7 program included minimal impact camping, a canoe expedition, raft building, Aboriginal studies, bushwalking and environmental studies. The program also gave students a chance to learn to cook on different equipment, sleep under different shelters and spend worthwhile time with their peers. Whilst some students found some of these aspects challenging, the staff have reported that they have been impressed by the resiliency the students demonstrated and their willingness to engage in activities. Well done to the staff and Year 7 students.

Peer Support
It was a pleasure to assist with training Year 9 students during the Peer Support training at the end of last week. I must commend the students on their enthusiasm and the mature way in which they engaged in some challenging and incredibly fun exercises. The greatest challenge for staff following the training days will be to select leaders, as there are so many willing and able candidates after the training days. Those selected will go on to be peer leaders for the Year 7 students next year and in this way will make a valuable, positive and skilled contribution to our School community. Congratulations to all the Year 9s for their contribution to the training program.

SEISA Summer Sport Round3

Jnr Girls Tennis - GGS vs. Newhaven
Won: 6-2 to 39-20
Hardly breaking a sweat, the Junior Girls Tennis team had an outstanding win, defeating Newhaven 6 sets to 2. Everyone did a fantastic job and had a great time. Well done girls!

Jnr Boys Tennis - GGS vs. Newhaven
Lost: 8-0
Although they lost last week’s match, the Junior Boys’ Tennis team were confident facing in Newhaven this week. Unfortunately, the opposition had different plans, defeating GGS by a significant amount. Charlie Sargant was the top scorer with seven games. Hopefully next week the boys will once again victors.

Jnr Girls Softball -GGS vs. Newhaven
Lost: 29-11
Against a very strong side, the girls gave their maximal effort. The match featured great running by Georgia Anderson, hitting from Bec Strauss and fielding from Haylee Wrigglesworth.

Jnr Cricket - G.G.S vs Newhaven

GGS 3 for 81, NH 7 for 78

Excellent opening bowling from the GGS team had the opposition on the back foot. The opening batters got the GGS innings off to a good start with Henry Anderson retiring on 30 and Noah Cantwell on 14, ensuring Grammar the winning runs in 18 overs.

Jnr Boys Basketball - GGS vs. Newhaven
Lost: 32 – 36
The starting five players began strong with Irving Mosquito and Junior Bradshaw scoring most of the shots and Maxie Luckie sinking every drive, putting the boys in the lead by 8 at half time. After halftime, with the missing players due to year 7 camp, the boys became fatigued and Newhaven closed the gap. Last efforts by Irving and Max were not enough to stop the opposition. Newhaven won by 4. 

Jnr Girls Basketball - GGS vs. Newhaven
Lost: 13 – 30
The game was a challenge, but the girls fought hard until the end. The team worked tirelessly in defence, but couldn’t keep control in offence. The conditions were hot, which made it tough, but the girls never gave up. Also being affected by the year seven camp, the GGS girls put in a good effort.

The Australian Mathematics Competition

The School hosted the Australian Mathematics Competition at the beginning of August. Students were provided the opportunity to extend themselves in Mathematics, producing some pleasing results.

109 of our Year 7 -12 students received a Credit or better, while 28 students received Distinctions, High Distinctions or obtained a prize.

Congratulations to the top place-getters of each year level: David Ting (Year 12), Campbell Pike (Year 11), Tom Anderson and Gil Aitken (Year 10), Jessica Lang (Year 9), Simeon Gover, who ranked at the 100 percentile winning a prize (Year 8) and Thomas Gell (Year 7).

Additionally, for the first time Gippsland Grammar competed in the Senior Division of the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematics Olympiad. On a monthly basis during lunchtime between June and September, 30 Year 7 and 8 students completed 5 individual competition papers. This included many challenging mathematical problems. The students’ persistence and endeavour to solve as many problems as possible was commendable.

Highest School Score
Simeon Gover  (Yr 8)  

Achievement in top 10% of entrants  
Simeon Gover  (Yr 8)  
Hannah Husodo (Yr 7)    
Tom Gell  (Yr 7)  

Achievement in top 25% of entrants  
Jennifer Wrigglesworth  (Yr 7)
Tom Finlay  (Yr 8)   
Will Johnson  (Yr 8) 
Maya Pigot  (Yr 8)             

School Team      Top 30% Achievement award.

The APSMO is administered by Mrs Kathleen Penton. She looks forward to working with Year 7 and 8 students involved in this extension program in the future.