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Rowing News Issue No.4

The first major regatta of the season is just a couple of days away! The rowing club has spent the last week preparing for the CLRC regatta in Canberra. The regatta is being attended by intermediate and senior squads and will give some indication as to how the squads compare against rival schools and clubs from around the Country. The senior boys will be representing the club in single scull events, whilst the senior girls and intermediate squads will be racing quads as well as double and single sculls.

All squads have had their training tailored in the last week to gear them for the best possible performance at Canberra. This has involved doing slightly less mileage, and more “short and sharp” work on the water. Final preparations for the regatta will take place over the next day or two. The rowers will load up the boat trailer on Thursday after sport. On Friday, a bus with all the rowers will leave school at lunchtime. The rowers will then stay overnight in Canberra before racing on Saturday. The rowing department is anticipating a fun trip and looks forward to seeing the rowers put their hard work in action against wider competition.

Despite the recent fluctuations in weather, it is still important to bring hats to training. There have been numerous sessions where rowers have not brought caps or hats with them: something which needs to change. Rowers are also reminded to bring a drink bottle with them so they can stay hydrated out on the water.

Head of Garnsey Campus

Year 12 Final Day celebrations
Year 12 students have celebrated their final weeks of school with great energy, excitement and a little sadness. A number of events have been held in the last few weeks: visits to the junior campuses for students who attended these, an Old Scholar’s Association barbecue at David and Jane Baker’s house, a Prefects’ Assembly, and in what has become a tradition, a little swapping of uniforms and a final countdown on Tuesday as 3.25pm approached on their last day of formal classes.

Wednesday 22 October was the Year 12 Final Day celebrations. Year 12 students came into the School from 7.00am and their Mentors and Head of Year, ably assisted by other staff, prepared a delicious cooked breakfast. Each student had prepared a message for the students, staff or School and these were hung outside the staffroom. The Year 12s were very respectful of the other students, staff and School throughout the entire day. The whole campus attended their final Chapel service held in Garnsey Hall and this was an opportunity for the Year 7-11 students to farewell them: Year 10 students, Katie Rose and Solomon Jones led the service, with Year 9 students providing reflections about their Peer Support leaders and their contributions to the Arts, Sport and leadership throughout their years. The Year 11 students performed the music and a whole Year 11 level choir serenaded them. At the end of the service Year 8 students presented them with a banner containing a list of each Year 12 student’s name.

Following the Chapel service, the students were welcomed into the staffroom for morning tea provided by the staff. A speech from each Mentor and reply from their Mentor group evidenced the close relationship that the students have developed within their pastoral groups. Students also thanked other teachers, staff, and the Mentors and Heads of Year from Years 7 - 9 who assisted them so much in their transition into secondary school and their middle years. The traditional lunchtime activities followed with a Hawaiian jungle themed dress up, a blow up water slide and plenty of fun with water, accompanied by a barbecue lunch.

The Year 12 students’ final concert was outstanding. They danced as a year level, performed in four bands while images played of their time at School. This was followed by a year level choir and a film – an interesting re-creation of some movie trailers starring Year 12s and a few willing teachers. As they departed the Hall, the Year 7 students gave them each a balloon: these were subsequently released in unison as the rest of the School watched on. After some final goodbyes with other students, this terrific final day was over and students will now turn their attention to preparation for their examination which commence next Wednesday. 

Uniform Matters
A significant number of girls have been asked to take down the hem of their dresses this week in order to meet our expectation about their length. While it is not our desire to be overly prescriptive about length, we have asked that the dresses are near the knee and we look forward to seeing an improvement in this regard next week.

SEISA Round 2 - 23 October 2014

Gippsland Grammar Versus Beaconhill’s Pakenham

Junior Boys Basketball

GG: 36 defeated BHP: 34

After a solid start the Beaconhills boys managed to get on top of our impressive defence, which was mainly due to of their players. With a bit of soul searching and their best player off the court, the Grammar boys pushed ahead with a couple of unanswered goals to start the second half. With a lot of twists and turns the game finished off as a draw, due to the umpire fixing up the scoresheets which said we had lost! Kyle Dunkley, Jack Allman, Oakley Henry, Irving Mosquito and Toby Allen finished the game off with a great last five minutes of extra time to win the game! It was a great team effort! Well done boys!

 Junior Girls Basketball

GG: 11 defeated by BHP: 41

The girls once again had another game against a very strong side this week. All girls played to their best; however they could not stop the accurate shooting of their opponents. Whilst Gippsland Grammar has definitely improved, the oppositions defence was again unfortunately too strong which made it very difficult to score. Well done to Tayla Walsh for top scoring with 7 points. All girls should be pleased with their forts.

 Junior Boys Tennis

GG 3-sets (37-games) defeated by BHP 5-sets (40-games)

It was a very closely fought out battle, losing by a mere 3 games on the day. The boys played really well with special mention Will Runciman who remains undefeated in both rounds to date. Taylor Stephenson and Will Runciman played really well on the day winning both sets, combining well with Charlie Harrison and Linus Rodda who both played in a winning set each. The rest of the team unfortunately could not win their sets, however they toiled hard and did the team proud. Bad luck boys, bounce back next week!

 Junior Girls Tennis

GG 7 sets (46-games) defeated BHP 1-sets (22-games)

We arrived in Beaconhills’ Pakenham, pumped up and ready to play a big day of tennis. Our teams started off with a bang, and this continued on throughout the day. The day consisted of ace after ace, and by the end we were victorious taking home a stunning 7 sets to 1 win. Well done to the junior girl’s tennis team!

 Junior Boys Cricket

GG: 7/84 defeated BHP: 5/44

With a slow outfield, GGS lost the toss and bowled first. Bryce Worboys and Cody Stedman got the team off to a ripper start with Bryce taking 2 for 0 off 4 overs in a fine display of controlled fast bowling, and Cody taking 0 for 3 off 4 overs to keep the pressure on. With fairly defensive fields we restricted Beaconhills to 44 off their allotted 20 overs. We bowled and fielded extremely well, with Mitchell Evans taking 2 for 12 off 3 overs, Matt White taking 1 for 4 off 2 overs and Noah Cantwell, Pierce Kidson-Purry and Aaron Barling all keeping it tight. We went out to bat full of confidence but early wickets put us on the back foot at 5 for 25. However Pierce Kidson-Purry took it opon himself to be the mainstay of the innings, making a great 30 retired full of some wonderful stroke play. Jake Smith also provided great support making a quickfire 14 as well as Matt White who made 17 including a six with his new bat! Sam Davis also made 1 not out which managed to get the team up and about. Well done to everyone as it was a great team effort and an excellent win!

 Junior Girls Softball

GG: 31 defeated BHP: 14

Today’s game was played really well, in great spirit. Excellent batting saw the team get to their 9th batter each innings. The girls competed well all day, leaving balls and receiving plenty of walks to first base. It was a great effort and it leaves the team undefeated after the first two games!

From the Maths Department

On August 8, the Australian Mathematics Competition was written by all students from Years 7 through 10, together with students of Year 11 advanced maths.  Congratulations to the 127 students who achieved a credit or higher.

Of special note was Simeon Gover, who achieved a Prize, and the Prudence Award, for being in the 100-th percentile in the State.  We also had a number of other students with certificates of Distinction and High Distinction, as listed below.  Well done!

Year 7
Prize (and Prudence Award):  Simeon Gover;  Distinction:  Ben Harms, Tom Finlay, Will Johnson, Maya Pigot, Kate Prestney, Cameron Wrigglesworth.

Year 8
High Distinction:  Jessica Lang, Taylor Stephenson;  Distinction:  Mitch Evans, Joshua Strauss.

Year 9
High Distinction:  Gil Aitken, Tom Anderson, Charles Taylor;  Distinction:  Jasmine Doultree, Claudia Klose, Elizabeth Lawrence, Ace Mitrevski, Rory van Berkel.

Year 10
High Distinction:  Lillian McCann;  Distinction:  Zoe Czempinski, Emily Harrison, Campbell Pike, Christopher Valette.

Year 11
Distinction:  Daniel Gris, Lloyd Hodge, David Ting.

Rowing Newsletter No 3

This week the rowers have very much been in “business as usual” mode. As well as continued training and preparations for CLRC regatta, many intermediate and senior rowers performed in the school’s spring concert. It was great to see them display their other off-water talents.

Intermediate and senior crew selections are still being finalised before entries for CLRC go in. The closing date for entries is the 27th of October, so it won’t be long before crews are announced. Intermediate and senior training is being geared towards this event, and we are excited to see what the rowers can produce at their first big race of the season.

The novice squads, comprised of the newest recruits, are learning fast and are hopefully enjoying the process. Their training sessions involve technical drills and more casual elements, such as games, to explore the workings of the boat. Racing has also been commonplace in these sessions, adding an element of competition and excitement to rowing.

The rowing department is finalising a document on nutrition for all rowers and parents to read through. Some rowers have complained about a dearth of energy, or time restrictions for eating their food post lunch training. This hand-out should hopefully provide some useful tips on how to combat energy lulls and offer practical advice on how to manage food at lunch. Any further problems regarding these issues should be passed on to the Director of Rowing or the gappies so we can work together to find a solution.

As with last weeks newsletter, it should be noted that the Boat Club is enforcing the “NO HAT, NO ROW” policy as the weather is picking up. Before long it will be consistently hot, and serious health risks posed by UV and heat exposure need to be tackled.

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