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Team: Intermediate Netball A - G.G.S vs St Paul’s Warragul

Won, Score: 40-34
The girls played an excellent match against a competitive St. Pauls. Both teams were matched goal for goal in the first quarter with Grammar taking advantage of a few forced errors to gain a lead into quarter time. All girls showed excellent patience and teamwork until the final siren, despite only having 7 players. Special mention needs to be made of Jane Martin who stepped up from the B team this week and played a key role in the win.

Team: Intermediate Netball B - G.G.S vs St Paul’s Warragul
Lost, 17 to 24
With only 6 original team members and no dedicated shooters, the team should be most pleased with the small margin at the final siren. All players showed great determination and played hard to ensure St Pauls had to earn the win. All team members should be proud of themselves for playing new positions and remaining positive for the duration of the game. Defence had many turn-overs and were key players in stopping St Paul’s strong attack.

Team: Senior Netball A - G.G.S vs St Paul’s Warragul
Won, Score: 40-33
A great win against tough opposition. Gippsland Grammar set it up with a fantastic second quarter and then held their lead for the rest of the game. Strong performances were seen all over the court. The best players of the day were Sally Deller, Coco Henry and Lucy Avage.

Team: Senior Netball B - G.G.S vs St Paul’s Warragul
Lost, 23-25
After struggling to get a team together, the girls fought the game out well. Many thanks to Emily Vale and Emily Harrison for filling in at the last minute. The best players of the game were Stella Bodman, Emily Vale and Elani Hughes.

Team: Senior Girls Soccer - G.G.S vs St. Paul's Warragul
Won, 3 - 1
It was a great game by both sides. Well done to Sacha Sjerp and Caitlyn Fischer for holding a strong line of defence and getting especially muddy, also to Hannah Bartkowski for keeping control of the ball whilst attacking and kicking 2 of the goals. Congratulations to Bec Anderson for holding a strong midfield and kicking a swell goal from halfway. Kudos to Ben MacNaulty for being our last minute coach. Well done everyone for securing a place in finals!

Team: Senior Boys Soccer - G.G.S vs St Paul’s Warragul
Lost, Score: 6 – 0
Several players were unavailable which meant the team were short on numbers. It was a valiant effort but were overcome by a strong St Paul’s team in wet, muddy and rainy conditions. David Ting played his best game yet, and Alex Clemens and Mark Vandersteen were strong in defence.

Team: Senior Girls Hockey - G.G.S vs St Paul’s Warragul
Won, 13 – 0
The girls played well in the cold and the rain, putting on a strong defence to come out on top. The girls are looking forward to finals in two weeks!

Team: Senior Boys Hockey - G.G.S vs St Paul’s Warragul
Won, 4 - 1
Today GGS triumphed with a good win with Nic Rothwell putting his neck on the line and taking it to the next level. The goals were scored by Tom Edgar, Daniel Thompson and Liam Emms with 2. All in all it was a good day minus some rain here and there.   

Team: Inter Boys Soccer - G.G.S vs St Paul’s Warragul
Lost, 1 - 3
It was an excellent game against a very strong St Pauls. Again Gil Aitken and Ace Mitrevski were very dangerous in attack all day, and an excellent combination, with Ace scoring in the first half. Big thankyou to the students that filled in for the match. Lachlan Bull and Alec Truscott were the power of strength in defence.

Team: Inter Girls Soccer - G.G.S vs St Pauls Warragul
Lost, 0 – 3
The final game this season was played in cold and windy conditions, at a hectic pace. Our team was affectedly a number of absences but we managed to find great substitutes in Tori Herdigen and Charlotte Hodge, who managed to fit well into our team.

Team: Senior Boys Football - G.G.S vs St Pauls Warragul
Lost, Score: 31-101
We arrived at Eastern Park in torrential rain with 14 boys. The condition of the ground was abysmal, resembling a swamp. This led to a scrappy, wet game of football. St Pauls had the advantage with 16 on the field. The boys tried their hardest all day but unfortunately went down by 70 points. Tom Hunt was easily best on field, using his skills to our advantage. Justin Morgan was gallant in defence all day.

 Inter Boys Football - G.G.S vs St Pauls Warragul
Won, Score: 89 - 37
In a hard-fought match, Gippsland Grammar ground out an impressive 52 point win over St Pauls Warragul. Both teams were restricted to 17 players due to various co-curricular activities. Grammar kept the opposition to a goal-less first half, setting up their victory. Next up is the final showdown with Beaconsfield Berwick. Oakley Henry played well booting 4 goals, as were livewires Linus Rodda and Mitchell Evans. The best players of the day were Jack Allman, Jake Holland, Linus Rodda, Oakley Henry, Mitchell Evans, Taylor Stephenson, Tom Anderson and Brad Carroll.

Year 10 Information Evening

All Year 9 students and their parents are invited to attend the Year 10 Information Evening that is being held on Wednesday 12 August from 7pm in the Chapel of St Anne.

Language Department - Hikargaoka Students


We are Hikarigaoka students. We arrived in Australia on the 15th July and are here to stay until the 22nd August.  Every year, thanks to our great exchange program, We come and stay in this beautiful area in order to improve our English, understand different cultures, and become more independent through this program.

We have been enjoying our school life at Gippsland Grammar. We were surprised with the different layout of the timetable because we don’t have a long recess or lunchtime in Japan, instead we have 10 minute break between each period and only 40 minute lunchtime so we have to eat lunch quickly. We enjoy talking with other students and eating outside as we eat our lunch in the classroom in Japan. We would love to adopt this style at our school!

Another thing we noticed very different is the students have their individual timetable. We have elective subjects too but much fewer choices.  Students here don’t have seats assigned in their class. In Japan, teachers move to classrooms, not the students, and we have our seats assigned.

Oh the computer! We were surprised that all students have their own computer here, and were very impressed that they can use it very well.

We have two more weeks left at school. During that time, we would like to make more friends, enjoy the differences and try to speak in English.  We are going to join our buddies’ classes from the 10th August and are looking forward to meeting new people. You are welcome to talk to us , and help us with our English. We would love to teach you Japanese as well.

Lastly, we really appreciate the help from our lovely host families and friends. Although our English is still not enough, they talk to us friendly and give us a lot of support. We wouldn’t be here without their help.

Special thank you to Ms Derham, Mr and Mrs Yamaguchi, Mr and Mrs Lee, Mr and Mrs Murphy, Mrs Johnson, Mr and Mrs Roberts, Mr and Mrs Schenk, Ms Ryswyk, Mr and Mrs Singer, Mr and Mrs Supplitt, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr McCutcheon and Ms Evans, Ms May, Mr Noble and Mrs Koeninger, Mr Rabbetts & Ms Dixon, Mr and Mrs Davies, Mr and Mrs Morscheck, Mr and Mrs Wright, Mr and Mrs Anderson, Mr Gunther and Ms White, as well Mr and Mrs Coy.

Language Department - French Students


On the 14th of July, we, the eight French students arrived in Australia after a very long time on the plane (23 hours). During the first two days, we visited the beautiful city of Sydney and finally arrived at Gippsland Grammar School. Your country is very different from France. First of all, we don't wear a school uniform, but we were assured after a few weeks we will be used to it. In France we don't choose our subjects, only for years 11 and 12, a scientific, an economic or a literary BAC (the equivalent of the VCE). Furthermore, we don't have to prepare a lunch box, because, in every school in France, there is a canteen unless we live near the school. Finally, we don't drive on the same side of the road, so it's a little bit confusing for us to drive on the left. We also don't have kangaroos, wallabies or koalas. It’s actually summer in France and eight hours behind Australian time!

We will be here until the 25th of August so we have plenty of time to meet some of you. If you have any questions to ask us about our country or our way of life, don't be afraid to come to see us! We will be happy to answer your questions and speak to you!

Thank you for your warm welcome and see you around the school! A special thank you to our host families: Families MacLachlan, O’Donnell, Stewart, Perks, Page, Riggall, Sjerp and Kerrison.        

Merci et à bientôt,
Cassandre TIPHAINE
Nicolas DIVERT
Perrine ADAM
Pauline DUPREZ

Head of Garnsey Campus

Wellness Week will be held across all campuses at Gippsland Grammar in the coming months. At the Garnsey campus, it will be held in the last week of Term 4. Wellness is described as “a state of optimal well-being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual’s potential.This is a life-long process of moving towards enhancing your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being.”

Our purpose in Wellness Week 2015 is to provide opportunities for students to focus on what actions/activities/choices can be made to optimise their well-being in every way. We have a lot of plans for this week including some mindfulness, music, nutrition, physical and community activities. If you are a parent or friend of the School and would like to contribute in some way to the activities in this week, helping our students to celebrate and manage their well-being, please let me know as we would value your support and contribution.

This week many students completed a well-being survey, through the MindMatters program, which will provide us with valuable feedback about the support and advice we do and should provide, to support them in the well-being. I look forward to sharing the results in the weeks ahead. We will use these results as part of our ongoing review of support services in the School.

Parent Teacher interviews were held this week at the Garnsey campus. These are an important event in providing feedback to parents, and the many students who come along, For any parents who have ongoing concerns about their child’s progress and/or wellbeing, or who just want to know how they are progressing, I encourage you to contact your child’s Mentor in the first instance and the Head of Year if the Mentor is unavailable. The Mentor’s role is to monitor progress and well-being and they have the greatest insight into how a student is interacting. If the concern is about progress in a particular subject, please contact the subject teacher directly, for feedback. All teachers can be contacted by phoning Reception; however, if email is a more convenient means of communication, the portal provides a link to each of your child’s teachers. Once again, I encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns.

Student Achievements
Madeleine Johnson (Year 12)
The Wellington Shire’s third annual Youth Art Prize has been a great success again this year. Organised by members of the Wellington Youth Council including Christopher Valette (Year 11) and Matthew Gover (Year 10), the competition attracted young artists from across the municipality. The theme this year was ‘Living in Wellington’. Congratulations to Maddy Johnson (Year 12) who took out the prize for the Young Student category for her piece ‘The Face’ which was painted entirely with nail polish. This is a great achievement. Old Scholar, Marlee McMahon (Class of 2013), was the winner of the Young Adult category and gave her series of pieces the interesting title ‘Foodworks Shoplifters at home’ and was painted with water colour. These works and other entries can be viewed at the Maffra Exhibition Space.

Sam Pelz (Year 11)
Sam has been competing in 4 different Motorcross competitions throughout this year; ranging from regional, state, national and international racing. In March/ April this year he travelled overseas to America where he competed in the James Stewart Spring Nationals (one of the biggest American Motorcross competitions in the USA). Sam competed in the School Boys 2 and the 250 B lites, qualifying to race in the top 40 finals in each and finishing around 23-25 in each event in the finals.

Sam recently raced in Albury Wodonga in a state titles, the last of a four part series. He competed in Under 19 B, and 250 B lites, riding 6 races and winning all 6. The 250 lites section is an open section and Sam rode against many riders above his 16 years of age. Overall, he finished in the top 5 in this state titles series.

In the Gippsland Centre Series, an 8 part regional series which ranges from Rosebud to Bairnsdale, Sam is currently coming second by 1 point, with 2 rounds still to race. We wish Sam well as he completes this series. Congratulations Sam on some outstanding results and achievements.