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Language Department

For two months, eight students from Gippsland Grammar went to France on exchange to live, in the city of Caen. We left in the last week of November at 11am on the Friday and arrived Saturday morning.

Despite the cold weather, France was beautiful. When we first arrived everyone was just a little bit nervous to start speaking French however it didn’t matter as quickly we improved, speaking French with our families constantly.

Life in France was very different! The food, the family life, the people, the school, everything was different compared to Australia.

Only a few meters from school was a bakery and a supermarket where we went every day (sometimes twice a day), the patisserie

In Caen, we visited lots of historic places with Philippine, who showed us a small town called Bayeux, which is the home of the Bayeux Tapestry. Philippine took us all around Caen (a small city where our school was) and we were also lucky to visit the Memorial of Caen.

During our time we were able to travel all around, visiting places like the D-day Beaches, Mont St Michel, Saint Malo, Cherbourg, Honfleur, Deauville and big cities like Lille, Bordeaux and Paris. Of course we saw many tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre.

During our time we were able to travel all around, visiting places like the D-day Beaches, Mont St Michel, Saint Malo, Cherbourg, Honfleur, Deauville and big cities like Lille, Bordeaux and Paris. Of course we saw many tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame.

During exchange we had the full experience of going to a French school which was extra fun because the French eat a lot for lunch. School was hard to get used to as it started at 8am and finished at 5pm depending on our time table. The students were very nice, helping us with French and wanting to learn more English, we made many great memories with our new friends. The best class was definitely English, because we understood everything! Being an exchange student was incredible especially with the differences between France and Australia.

Our families were extremely nice, extremely generous allowing us to have an incredible life experience and we are tremendously grateful for their hospitability.

Exchange is an unforgettable experience and we encourage anyone studying French to consider going in the years to come, you will come back with many memories and new friends to last a life time.

Rowing News No.5

The intermediate and novice rowers rowed their final Canberra Regatta for the season at the weekend. The hosting club for this event was Radford College; who are fierce rivals on the water, but are also historically friendly with Grammar off the water.

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day for racing once again. It certainly made a pleasant contrast to the weather we were dealt for the earlier Canberra regattas this season. Results were pleasing for coaches and rowers alike. Almost everyone returned to Sale with a medal which is very encouraging to see. The medal haul generally consisted of silver medals – each with a story of how close they came to a gold. One gold was won on the day, by Jake and Tom in intermediate A doubles. After a tough morning race in the quad in which they came 2nd, they determined to grab a gold in what was the final race of the day for Grammar. The twosome got off to a good start and stayed strong rowing into a headwind to win by clear water.

This weekend, the seniors are heading to Rowing Victoria State Championships held at Nagambie Lakes. After a solid performance by the girls & James at NSW State Champs, it will be interesting to see how they get on in Victoria. We all have high hopes for them!

Looking a bit further ahead, we are just about set to go to Tassie next week. Please keep up to date on the latest by checking emails as all the information required will be circulated via email. There isn’t all that much training left before we leave on Thursday 5th, so please do your absolute best to make time for scheduled sessions.

We are all looking forward to the annual rowing dinner, which is being held on 13th March. Please RSVP to the McColl club, who are organising the event, to ensure you are down as attending. It will be a wonderful evening to celebrate the season, and also say our goodbyes to Frank Stone and Stuart Baird, who have both put so much into the rowing program at the school. We look forward to seeing you all on the night!

Head of Garnsey Campus

This week, a team of teachers from across all campuses completed a Visible Learning Evidence into Action professional learning day. As we have mentioned in a number of our School publications, the visible learning framework guides the development of effective learning at Gippsland Grammar. To this end, we are excited that one of actions at the Garnsey campus over coming weeks will be to gather evidence from students about their perceptions on what good learning looks like at Gippsland Grammar and the role of teachers in activating their learning. A number of students across Years 7-12 will be asked to contribute their ideas in a Video diary or focus group discussion. We are all very interested and excited to hear what they say, and hope to learn a lot from them which will continue to inform the development of effective learning strategies at our campus.

Year 7 students received their netbook computers this week and this was met with great excitement. The netbooks have OneNote folders already set up for each subject and this will facilitate the transition to the use of an online folder. Students have started to use the Virtual Classrooms (VCs) via the portal and to understand their responsibilities as digital citizens. It is timely that we are all reminded of the need to be fully informed and vigilant about cybersafety issues. A great reference for parents in this regard is the Digital Citizenship guide established by our Head of the Information Services Centre, Ms Marianne Lee, and accessible via the parent portal. I encourage all parents to refer to the excellent guides for parents on this site. We are also aware that the use of the computer should save students carrying a large number of books in their bags. Many teachers have spoken to students about this during this week and I encourage parents to monitor this; students should not need to bring all books and folders home each night to complete homework, but should instead be able to access tasks and information through their VCs. Please keep Mentors informed if this is an issue.

SEISA Round 2 - 19 February 2015

Gippsland Grammar Versus Beaconhill’s Berwick

Senior Boys Basketball  GG: 27 defeated by BHB: 37
In a very high standard game Gippsland Grammar lost to Beaconhill’s 27-37 points. Sam Whelan played a great captains game scoring 12 points and setting up many other scoring opportunities. Sam May also played well scoring 8 points and Will Latham was great in defence also tipping in 4 points. A great team performance, better luck next week boys!

Senior Girls Basketball   GG: 14 defeated by BHB: 37
In a tough game, the girls lost but it was a great effort from everyone. Sarah Hamilton, Lucy avage and Ashlee Robertson were strong in defence. Emily Pearce-Thompson, Stella Bodman and Ruby Bennett were great team players and showed enthusiasm while Coco Henry and Tess Hodgson kept the game competitive. Well done on your effort and good luck for the next game girls!

Senior Boys Tennis  GG 3-sets (33-games) defeated by BHB 5-sets (41-games)
The boys arrived in slippery conditions and greeted there Beaconhill’s counterparts. They had an enjoyable warmup and as the game started both teams benefitted from the new balls, as they were whizzing around the courts. Outstanding performances were showed by Anuradha Mudunna and Lloyd Hodge recording a 6-2 win. The muggy conditions made for some tough and the boys fought back well in the reverse doubles to go down 5 sets to 3. They look forward to their next match in two weeks’ time.

Senior Girls Tennis  GG 8 sets (47-games) defeated BHB 0 sets (1-games)
It was a humid hot day in Casey as the girls stepped on the court for the first match of the season. With new recruit Laura Jones coming into the team, the girls were up and about. Miss Dyke set a challenge prior to the match to win 48-0, although we didn’t quite achieve this, winning every match 6-0 except one (which was 6-1) was an excellent effort by all. The team included Holly Howes, Kelsey Weir, Laura Jones, Ady Walker, Lucy MacLachlan, Emily Harrison, Katie Rose and Abbey Wright. Good job to all girls and good luck for your next match.

Senior Boys Cricket  GG: 9/129 defeated BHB: 10/68
After making the trip down to Berwick the Gippsland Grammar boys started off well winning the toss. Devon Costigan and Oliver Cantwell opened, Cantwell making 5 and Costigan blasting 3 six’s for a 34. Jack Wrigglesworth made an impressive 46 and Matt George 12 which took the score to 129. Alex Lawson took two wickets opening the bowling reinforced by Louis Howard’s economic figures. Daniel O’Brien took 2/2 of 2 overs and then Costigan and Tim Daniels cleaned up the rest with 3 wickets and 2 respectively. A convincing 61 run victory. Well done boys!

Senior Girls Softball  GG: 25 defeated BHB: 9  It was the morning before softball and all was not right for Beaconhill’s Berwick were struggling to put up a fight. But a team was arranged and as we arrived in the scorching heat, we found ourselves the team to beat. Captain Elani Hughes whacked a home run, placing the Grammar girls at Number 1. The fly ball landed in Emma’s mitt and Beaconhill’s were ready to quit! The mercy rule was the umpire’s call and we finished with a score of 25 to 9 overall.

Intermediate Boys Basketball  GG: 26 defeated BHB: 25
The boys fought hard all game against a tough Beaconhill’s Berwick team playing tough defence and unselfish offence. Kyle Dunkley and Jeremy Todd kept the pressure on offense while Oakley Henry and Tyson Whelan defended the post well. The game came down to two free throws by Jack Allman with just 8 second left on the clock to get the Grammar boys up by 1 point! Well done Boys!

Intermediate Girls Basketball  GG: 21 defeated by BHB: 49
The Grammar Girls tried hard all day. Despite the score, this was a great game for the Intermediate girls in terms of consolidating their skills and coming together as a team. Well done to the top scorer, Annabelle Lamb, followed closely by Zoe Collins, however all the girls showed great effort at both ends of the court. Best of luck for next game girls!

Intermediate Boys Tennis  GG 4-sets (32-games) defeated by BHB 4-sets (35-games)
Today’s intermediate boy’s tennis was a real mixture. The boys had some convincing victories and defeats. Our No.1 player Tom Supplitt showed why he holds that position and was well supported by Will Runciman and Charlie Harrison. They equalled Beaconhill’s score in sets and games but unfortunately went down in the final games of the day losing by just 3 games overall. This has made them more eager for the next round of SEISA competition. Better luck next time boys!

Intermediate Girls Tennis  GG 8 sets (48-games) defeated BHB 0 sets (7-games)
Today the intermediate girl’s tennis team did an excellent job, beating Beaconhill’s Berwick 48 games to 7. The girls should be commended on their win and sportsmanship towards the opposition. Thank you to Beaconhill’s Berwick for the wonderful day and great competition. Another thank you needs to go to Mr. Clemens for his coaching on the day. Well done girls!

Intermediate Boys Cricket  GG: 10/56 defeated by BHB: 10/66 
With overcast conditions it was once more a poor start with Tom Anderson losing the toss and having to bowl. Best bowler was Adam Dunkley who gained a 3/12 of 3 overs. What was thought to be a good effort bowling Beaconhill’s Berwick out for 66 the Grammar boys had their work cut out, as a good all round bowling effort by Berwick saw them come out victors by 10 runs. Better luck next game boys!

Intermediate Girls Softball  GG: 24 defeated BHB: 7  In hot and humid conditions the intermediate softball team was off to a good start with a 1st ball home run by Hannah McCann. A perfect batting run in the 1st innings ensured a solid start to the game. The team followed up with tight fielding to put pressure on the opposition. With an impressive score of 24-7 some highlights were Hannah McCann’s 2 home runs, Jane Martin’s home run and couple of catches. Well Done girls!

Social Tennis

Sale tennis club will host social women's tennis on Monday mornings from 10am. There is no cost and balls are supplied. There is no need to be a member of any club and players of all standards are welcome.For mor information, please call Debbie 0419 383 281.

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